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The seed was planted in 2009 when Liz Fortanier realized that working with dogs filled her with joy. She dreamed about creating a camp where dogs would feel at home and be happy, a camp where they can play, sleep, be loved, be trained and be groomed. The design process began in early 2010, with the objective of providing outstanding services for your dog(s). She attended seminars out West and visited trade shows and other dog boarding and training facilities across the United States. Her dream became a reality when she opened Choo Choo Dog Camp…The Ultimate in Dog Day Care!
Liz’s 20 plus years in management, sales and business development are great assets as she trains and leads a team of caring dog professionals. Her focus is to providing a stress free and no-barking environment for your dog and ease of mind for you.

Choo Choo Dog Camp was designed with your dog’s best interest and comfort in mind and we also take our commitment to safety very seriously. Even though we love all dogs, not every dog can be a Choo Choo Dog Camper. All of our dogs have to be up-to-date on shots, spayed or neutered at the age of seven (7) months and friendly with other dogs and our dog professionals.

We have 2,000 ft² of indoor play area with tenderfoot flooring and 5,000 ft of outdoor play area covered with pea gravel. There are plenty of water buckets in each play area and each area has its own dog professional, so someone is always watching over your dog.
We offer three different size overnight dog areas: basic, standard and deluxe.

Why Us?

At Choo Choo Dog Camp we provide the best no-stress environment for your dog to socialize and feel safe. Our playful and no-barking environment is the result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits. We ask that you make an initial 8-week commitment for the same day(s) each week. This way we can focus on providing a consistent environment for the dogs. We do not offer drop in service for dogs that are not current clients.
  • Conveniently located next to I-24 and Highway 27
  • All staff are certified dog professionals
  • HVAC and ventilation systems for optimum climate control
  • Daily charts monitoring food intake, medication, playtime and attitude
  • Training classes using positive training methods
  • Raised Bedding in each room
  • Outdoor areas secured with 6 feet perimeter fencing

Choo Choo Charity

What we will do for Choo Choo Charity
• Help spay/neuter dogs
• Organize “Date-A-Dog” events
• Organize adoption programs

How can you help Choo Choo Charity
• “Like” Choo Choo Dog Camp’s Facebook page
• Spay or neuter your dog and any outdoor dog you are feeding
• Adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group
• Find local shelters and rescue groups on www.petfinder.com
Any dog that is adopted from McKamey Animal Center or Hamilton County Humane Society receives a FREE 1/2 hour of dog training.
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