Daycare in Chattanooga, TN


Initial consultation fee: $20

5 visits @ $24 = $120

10 visits @ $22 = $220

20 visits @ $20 = $400
theme day at doggy day camp
Theme days at camp are great!

Appointments required - No drop offs accepted

Your dog can be dropped off between 7:30-9:30 a.m. and picked up between 4:00-6:00 p.m. (ask about other options if you need an earlier drop off or later pick up). Your dog’s day will consist of supervised play, jumping in and out of pools of water (during warm weather), or just running around with friends and playing with our staff and fun toys.  Whether your dog is in the small dog area, the big dog area, or outside, your dog will always have access to water bowls and your dog will always be under the supervision of our dog professionals.

Our Daycare Facility offers 2,500 square feet of indoor space. It is equipped with 3/4” RB Rubber Matting (also know as Tenderfoot flooring) for cushioning your dog’s playing. Using rubber flooring at Choo Choo Dog Camp gives added traction, joint protection and shock absorption to the dogs while running and jumping. RB Rubber Matting is the recommended flooring by the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFSPCA) for use in the dog day care environment and obedience training rooms.

The 5,000 square feet of outdoor space is equipped with an 8” layer of pea gravel and plenty of shaded areas. Each dog gets a weekly report card.

Your dog’s first day:

On your dog’s first day he will go through an introduction process where he will slowly meet other dogs so we can see how he responds to and interacts with the different personalities and activity levels of the dogs in the playgroup.

Your dog needs to be dropped off first thing in the morning as their day starts at 7:30 a.m. In the afternoon, we ask that new dogs are the first ones to be picked up (to reduce the stress of seeing other dogs leave first), between 4:00 -4:30 p.m.

If your dog is relaxed and comfortable, the introduction might last half an hour to one hour. If your dog is nervous and shy, the introduction might take longer. This gives us time to make sure your dog gets along with the other dogs (as well as the staff) and that he is happy at camp.  It also gives your dog the chance to explore the facility and get to know the other dogs and the staff, so he is on familiar ground the next time he comes back to camp.

While most dogs that come through our door do well, we’re aware that dog day care isn’t for every dog. If we see signs of aggression from a dog, we will pull him from the playgroup and ask his parents that he not return to camp. Our “no aggressive dog” policy is applied to all campers, whether it’s their first day of daycare or whether they’ve been with us for three years. This policy helps us ensure that our playgroup is safe for all kinds of dogs—shy ones, social ones, large ones, small ones, young ones, old ones…and they all get along with each other.

Also, if a dog suffers from such severe separation anxiety that he won’t relax despite all efforts to get him to calm down, we will let you know that this environment might not be the best for him and we will be happy to recommend a pet sitter. We want the dogs at Choo Choo Dog Camp to be happy, and we will always let you know how your dog does during his visits.

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